Hoard Update

Okay – I have to put it out there… People who manage to keep a consistent blog going week after week are legends. Unfortunately I’m obviously not one of them, every time I try get back into it life goes hahahahahahahaha if only you knew. :p

For those of you that don’t know TWSBI has just made an appearance on SA! Cannot wait to save enough to get my hands on the clear demonstrator. http://writegear.co.za/product/twsbi-mini-clear/

J.Herbin has just released a new 1970 ink called Emerald of Chivor and I am in love!!! I need this ink – yes that’s right NEED. I have two from the collection Rouge Hematite and Stormy Grey and I absolutely adore them.

You can check the new colour out here:


Additionally if Write Gear still has samples of Stormy Grey available it is a sunning ink, get it now… This ink is still in one of my pens at all times and I have had it for a few months now. Nothing and I mean nothing beats these inks for doodle wow factor.

The wow factor

The wow factor


Without further ado I present you with… THE HOARD:

Inky goodness - Diamine

Inky goodness – Diamine

Diamine: Prussian Blue, Hope Pink, Red Dragon, Majestic Blue, Sherwood Green, Grey, Kelly Green, Imperial Purple, Eclipse, Oxblood

Inky goodness - Noodlers

Inky goodness – Noodlers

Noodlers: Navy, X-Feather, Dragons Napalm, Apache Sunset, Cactus Fruit Eel, Rome Burning, #41 Brown, Polar Green, Qin Shi Huang, Air-Corp Blue Black, Black Swan In Australian Roses (OF)

Inky goodness - Dip

Inky goodness – Dip

Penguin: Green, Violet
China Ink: Black
FW Pearlesceint: Galactic Blue, Bell Bronze, Black, Silver Pearl, Genesis Green
Winsor & Newton: Canary Yellow, Emerald, Deep Red, White

Inky goodness - Various

Inky goodness – Various

Sheaffer: Kings Gold, Green
Lamy: Turquoise
J.Herbin: Rouge Hematite, Stormy Grey
Pelikan: Edelstein Ruby
Parker: Quink Black

Inky goodness - Vials

Inky goodness – Vials

Noodlers: Baystate Blue, Baystate Cape Cod Cranberry, Seqiouna Green, Mata Hari’s Cordial, 54th Massachusetts, Violet, Antietam, Ottoman Azure
Sheaffer: Kings Gold, Blue-Black, Red, Green, Brown, Turquoise
Diamine: Grape, Sargasso Sea, Ancient Copper, Autumn Oak, Chocolate Brown, Pumpkin, Oxblood
Lamy: Red, Blue-Black
J.Herbin: Café de Iles, Vert Olive, Poussiere de Lune, Stormy Grey
Montegrappa: Turquoise, Bordeaux
Mont Blanc: Oyster Grey, Irish Green, Toffee Brown
Pilot: Fuyu-syogun, Yama-budo
Rohrer & Klingner: Scabiosa, Alt-Goldgrun
Pelikan: 4001 Brilliant Black

Inky goodness - Cartridges

Inky goodness – Cartridges

Lamy: Blue, Green, Black, Neon Coral, Violet
Pelikan: Blue, Green, Black, Red
Platinum: Pink, Black
Pilot: Parallel mixables pack
Kaweco: Paradise Blue, Ruby Red, Summer Purple, Caramel Brown

Pens pens, so many pens...

Pens pens, so many pens…

Platinum Preppy: Pink (F), 1 Black Std (F), 1 Black converted to Eyedropper (F)
Lamy Safari: Neon Coral (M)
Lamy Vista: Clear (1.9mm)
Pilot: Metropolitan (M), Parallel (1.5mm, 2.4mm, 3.8mm, 6mm)
Artline Calligraphy Pen: Silver (2.5mm), Gold (2.5mm), Black (1mm, 2mm, 3mm)
Pentel: Color Brush Pen Brown
Sheaffer: VNM (M)
Noodlers: Ahab (Flex), Konrad(Flex), Nib Creaper (Flex), Free Eyedropper (F/M)
Jinhao: X750 (M/B)
Online: No idea what model, but metal model. Have both (F) and (1.4mm) nib units
Dip Pen: Copperplate nib – not offset, Speedball C-0, Speedball C-1, Speedball C-4, Speedball C-3, Speedball C-2, Leonardt -Round- 2
Edison: Edison Nouveau Premiere 2014 Fall Edition

If there is any specific ink you would like reviewed from this hoard – leave me
a comment below. I’ll start with the first request and work my way down.