TWSBI A6 Notebook

TWSBI A6 Notebook

I enjoy small notebooks mainly due to the fact that i’m not really the journal type – strange I know considering I have a blog, but I digress. So the whole lined with enough space to write an entry has never effected me. That being said I do love doodling, and the smaller size allows me to complete a design in a relatively small amount of time.

TWSBI Notebook Front

TWSBI Notebook Front

It may seem expensive for an A6 notepad, but you get a lot of pages… I’ve used a few notebooks and so far the TWSBI has been my favorite for a few reasons.

1) It has a leatherette type cover, and for me, a person who is incredibly accident prone I spill things. Thanks to the fact that this cover isn’t card stock, I can just wipe it clean an move on.

TWSBI Notebook Finish

TWSBI Notebook Finish

2) It has a back pocket very similar to Moleskine but much sturdier and more expandable then their cashier notebooks. Not sure about their other ones, never used them.

Back Pocket

Back Pocket

3) It has a lot of pages, 240 i think – and every single one of those pages is perforated, this is the most amazing thing about this notebook. Hate something – no problem, just tear it out, without effecting the binding.
4) The paper quality is good, really good. I would say that its perhaps better then the standard Rhodia graph pad – but as you’ll see in the pictures, I really put the ink down and it handles it with minimal bleed-through if any. I’ve also used watercolours, gel pens, nail polish, water brush pen, etc… and it handles them just fine.
5) Comes with an elastic and a bookmark, I find the elastic useful as it keeps the notebook closed – bookmarks are debatable.

TWSBI Notebook Back

TWSBI Notebook Back

6) The paper also has a very smooth feel, but the paper is also quite thin and therefore translucent. So if you like using both sides of the same page, this may not be the best choice for you.

Below are a few pictures that demonstrate how I use the paper. I’ve included both the front of the page, as well as the back.

Below is using the TWSBI 580 filled with Diamine Carnation, easily one of my favorite inks.

Ink to Paper - Diamine Carnation

Ink to Paper – Diamine Carnation

Here is one using nail polish, gelly roll and watercolour.

Mixed Media - nail polish, watercolour and jelly roll.

Mixed Media – nail polish, watercolour and jelly roll.

This one was a complete ink overload, I spilt some J.Herbin Emeralds Of Chivor… so instead of wiping it up, I decided to paint the whole page with it using a paintbrush. Once that was almost dry I then went back in with a diluted solution to get the dripping effect. And once that dried I copied a mermaid in using a Sakura Micron Marker.

Mermaid surrounded by J.Herbin's Emeralds of Chivor

Mermaid surrounded by J.Herbin’s Emeralds of Chivor

Using watercolours in multiple layers

My first attempt at watercolour urban sketching.

My first attempt at watercolour urban sketching.

Done using only Diamine Chocolate Brown. The main doodle was done with a Lamy Safari(M) and then faded out using a water brush pen.

Diamine Chocolate Brown

Diamine Chocolate Brown Bubbles

Lastly I figured I should include a page that contains actual words, written with a fountain pen…after all, that’s what this book is marketed for. So I decided to write out a lyric from Of Monsters and Men with Noodlers X-Feather.

Of Monsters And Men - Lyric.

Of Monsters And Men lyric in Noodlers X-Feather.

And a poem by Thomas L Peacock called “Beyond The Sea”. The ink used in the poem was Diamine Majestic Blue, and the watermark background was done using Diamine Beau Blue.

Poem by Thomas L Peacock - using Diamine Majestic Blue and Diamine Beau Blue

Poem by Thomas L Peacock – using Diamine Majestic Blue and Diamine Beau Blue.

As you can see in the above pictures, the paper stands up exceptionally well to the abuse – but there are a few caveats:

1) If you plan on wetting the entire page excessively you need to put a paper towel beneath the page. All the pages are perforated and the liquid will seep through the perforation. Additionally if you wet right over edges, the colour will start to seep under the edge of the paper.

2) Leaving a large amount of water on the page will cause it to start going through the paper. ie: damp paper is perfectly acceptable but leaving wet pools will cause it to bleed.

3) Please don’t do what I did and push a large amount of liquid ink/paint right up into the binding, it’s liquid – it is going to get into the crevices of the binding.

Brusho crystals.

Brusho background with some traced crystals.

4) This is NOT watercolour paper, so it will bend and buckle when wet. To its credit though it does flatten out.

And just because i’m me, i managed to make all the above mistakes in one go. (I got really excited about some Brusho that and didn’t follow any of my own advice.)

But could have been worse though right?



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