Diamine Pumpkin

I’ve had this colour in my pens for the whole month of October cause you know Halloween and pumpkins, it was a no brainer. Although I don’t care much for Halloween, and have no interest in pumpkin pie – it was a nice colour theme for the whole month.


This colour is beautiful – super vibrant and summery. Has good smooth flow, water resistance is non-existent – as is expected, and the shading is minimal. This ink doesn’t have a really visible sheen to it, more like a definite shading line.


I know this ink is called pumpkin, but this colour makes me think of summer days, juicy oranges and melting snow cones. Oh and Orange is the new Black – that series name is so catchy is ridiculous! Every time I hear the word Orange my mind automatically adds “is the new black”.


The closest colour comparisons I had in my collection were: Diamine Peach Haze, Noodlers Dragons Napalm, Diamine Autumn Oak and Lamy Red. As you can see below none of them are a perfect dupes.


This ink was bit more work to clean out, but that could simply be because it was in my pen for such a long period of time.


There was also some bleed through, but none in normal writing, and only when going over the same spot multiple times – and even then it as minimal.


I also took a few macro shots so below you can see a close up of the ink splat, and the transition in shading.



As always I purchased my bottle here: Diamine Pumpkin

Now I just need to decide on a colour scheme for Christmas…



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