Diamine Pumpkin

I’ve had this colour in my pens for the whole month of October cause you know Halloween and pumpkins, it was a no brainer. Although I don’t care much for Halloween, and have no interest in pumpkin pie – it was a nice colour theme for the whole month.


This colour is beautiful – super vibrant and summery. Has good smooth flow, water resistance is non-existent – as is expected, and the shading is minimal. This ink doesn’t have a really visible sheen to it, more like a definite shading line.


I know this ink is called pumpkin, but this colour makes me think of summer days, juicy oranges and melting snow cones. Oh and Orange is the new Black – that series name is so catchy is ridiculous! Every time I hear the word Orange my mind automatically adds “is the new black”.


The closest colour comparisons I had in my collection were: Diamine Peach Haze, Noodlers Dragons Napalm, Diamine Autumn Oak and Lamy Red. As you can see below none of them are a perfect dupes.


This ink was bit more work to clean out, but that could simply be because it was in my pen for such a long period of time.


There was also some bleed through, but none in normal writing, and only when going over the same spot multiple times – and even then it as minimal.


I also took a few macro shots so below you can see a close up of the ink splat, and the transition in shading.



As always I purchased my bottle here: Diamine Pumpkin

Now I just need to decide on a colour scheme for Christmas…



Rhodia Paper

Rhodia has become available in South Africa! Whoop:) Whoop:) (don’t judge my happiness). If you’ve ever found yourself on the the FPN you know about Rhodia paper, there is no way around it. Rhodia, Clairefontaine and Tomoe River are constantly discussed, and I have yet to come across a single post, that I was reading – where the paper quality doesn’t come up. Yes i’m sure that there are posts that may not mention paper at all, I just haven’t come across one yet. But I digress.

Rhodia A5 Pad Front

Rhodia A5 Pad Front

The Rhodia pad i have follows a standard pad format, but the front and back is covered by a cover that is thicker offering slightly better protection and feels like a plastic/paper hybrid. The front also has three scored lines that give you the option of preserving some header space should you so desire. Although it could just be there for decoration… It has the Rhodia logo on the front, while the back gives you information about the paper, and an overview of their other paper sizes, colours and formats available.

Rhodia A5 Pad Back

Rhodia A5 Pad Back

So in this case its: 80gsm paper, 80 sheets of paper, graph format, N16/A5/14.8cm x 21cm, white paper, black cover and lastly made in France.

Rhodia Grid Close-up

Rhodia Grid Close-up

The paper is divided into 5mm blocks without any margin lines, and perforated at the top. No margins is going to be subjective preference but I like it. I sometimes find margins to be a waste of space, and this allows me to customize my margin size. The colour of the graph is lilac, instead of the traditional blue that we see here, but the intensity is about the same.

The paper is easily one of the best I have tried. Its just so smooth – it writes kind of how Moleskine feels to the touch, if that makes any sense? My understanding is that its coated, so the dry time is a touch longer then normal. The way I decided to demonstrate this paper was to write in both cursive and print using different inks and nibs, I though that this would test the paper quality best.

Writing Sample

Writing Sample

From top to bottom I used:

TWSBI EF Nib and Sailor – this ink still showed sheen and slight colour change, pretty awesome considering the thinness of the nib!
Pilot Parellel 1.5mm and Noodlers X-Feather
Lamy F Nib and Diamine Bilberry – Also had some gunmetal coloured sheen.
Lamy M Nib and Diamine Silver Fox
Noodlers Konrad Broad/Flex and Diamine Magical Forest
Rhorer and Klingner Glass Pen and Diamine Damson
Pilot Parellel 6mm and Diamine Blue Pearl – The sheen, the shading, the shimmer its all just so pretty.

Back of page.

Back of page.

And this is the other side of the page, not a drop of bleed-through, no show-through and only very light ghosting. I’ll be honest, I was not expecting the other side of this paper to be completely usable.

If you would like to give this paper a try, it can be purchased here: Rhodia